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    Saturday, April 18, 2015

    Welcome to the Bathroom!

    We've got fun n games! ... well, not really games, but there's tons of fun packed in every colorful inch of this tiny house bathroom!

                                                Before                                                     After


    Our Tiny House bathroom is finally finished!!

    We went with a recycled dark grey paint that matches the tile and grout in the shower. Then a modern trim and upper wall color in bright white. All the decoration is set against the upper white half of the walls and gives you plenty to look at while disguising storage. 

    There is a 3.5" kickout from the edge of the shower and I found some 3" trim near the 2" trim used on the walls. I grabbed the 3" trim, painted both sides, got some brushed silver mountings, and made a series of shelves on that wall to show off all our tiny knickknacks. 

    It also holds the bathroom clock ... just to make sure I get out on time!

    Top Shelf : Jake the dog, vinyl cupcake, baby turtle, print, robo-chameleon, Pyewackett the corgi, stationary tin       

    Second Shelf : Hair sticks and bang-scissors, pottery from Japan, owl feather, tile from college pottery class, incense, the bathroom clock

    Third Shelf : Lucky black cat, clay fish, glass star, Devil Duck, lucky candy smokes, hair pin holder, fork print, assorted crystals and metal fish, "you" rock, daruma doll, Betty Page card, Rubix cube

             **More Bathroom Pics!**





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