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    Sunday, August 20, 2017

      Lucky-Bunny: The revival!

    Oh my gosh! It has been forever since I posted anything related to riding Lucky-Bunny.
    This shall not stand!

    Okay, well, I still love riding her but, with all the other things going on in the house and life, I took most of the winter off. I’m not a super confident highway rider. Every time I pass a weaving semi-truck or a Prius driver more concerned with their cellphone than the road I get a little shiver down my back knowing that these folks could easily kill me. Since the majority of my commute was high-traffic and high-speed – I’d get a lot of those little shivers and eventually feel pretty uncomfortable riding to and from work. Nearly every day I pass a car accident…granted there are a lot of drivers on the road so there is bound to be a higher percentage of accidents and statistically I’m just one of a million riders on I-5…but statistics can be made to say anything and statistically I ride at the most dangerous times of day (to/from work) and statistically I’m more likely to be injured in an accident than the driver of a car or truck would be, and statistically I’m lucky – that counts for good and bad luck.

    So, over the winter, Lucky Bunny stayed in the garage and kept company with D’s bikes, the vacuum, and the canned goods.

    In the spring I wanted to get the bike professionally looked over, again, safety first, before really going out for any long rides. My job, and therefore my commute, changed, so I did a couple runs in my car to check different paths of commute and decided on one that didn’t have any highway travel. I like twisty roads, little jumps, passing by pretty gardens, passing places that smell delicious and going along paths that have a great view – I don’t like going 80 MPH trying to dodge cars who merge into me without looking.

    Happily, I can now take the scenic route!

    Lucky Bunny and I are out riding a lot more and just having fun.

    I’ve also been adding more stickers to the bottom half of my topcase. Unlike the bike itself, the topcase doesn’t have to be limited to MLP or Sailor Moon related stickers. I have really liked the staying power and bold colors of Enfu.

    They have held up really well! I ran into their booth at Sakuracon and my only issue was making decisions on which stickers to buy! I decided on these two…so now, if you are driving around Seattle and see a motorbike decorated in waffle-fish or glitter sprinkle cupcakes…you know who is riding! J