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    Wednesday, August 26, 2015

    Summer Round Up!

    Has it been two months?! Oh my!

    The summer has just flown by. Seattle in summer always has something going on. There are free concerts in the parks, car shows, races, camping, parties, weddings, picnics, hot days for swimming, lakes for kayaking, fireworks, birthdays, holidays, art shows, farmers' markets - so much to see and do!

    I've done a few road trips to Vancouver, WA. It takes about 3-4 hours with traffic, but some places along the road are desolate and beautiful.

     (click the image for a full-sized version)

    There was 4th of July and night swimming - 

    Picnics and watching the sailboats and SeaFair and watching the jets - 

    LeRoy's birthday, Ty and I had our first 5K race, stalking deer in the woods, and drinking grasshoppers from the highest Starbucks in Seattle - 

    These awesome events ( and many more) happened so far this summer. There is lots left too! The Rally in the Gorge is starting now and I'll be riding out to it this weekend. 
    More info about the rally HERE

    The Tomato Battle is this weekend. 

    Bumbershoot starts are the beginning of September.

    Not to mention more camping, more picnics and swims, gardening, and other fun adventures to squeeze in before the weather takes a chill!

    Also - I'd like to take a serious moment to mention the fires. If you aren't aware, there are huge fires burning in WA, the largest in the state's history. Things have been really dry this year. Dry, hot, and with really strong winds. 

    As of today they are just 10% contained and threaten over 5,000 homes. (source)

    While I'm not in danger here in Seattle, there are many folks who have lost homes, livelihoods, animals, and even a few have lost their lives to the fires. 

    You can check out the UMVIM response HERE

    If you'd like to help, they need money more than physical things right now. They don't have a capacity to store and transport item donations yet - but they can use the cash to buy what they need when they can use it. 

    There are donation options - through UMVIM - HERE.
    The NorthWest RedCross - HERE
    Other assistance and donations information HERE

    Have fun, stay safe, get outside and enjoy that summer weather! :-)