Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Rainy Day Adventure at Woodland Park Zoo

My Cyber Monday gift to myself was a membership to the Woodland Park Zoo here in Seattle. I went with D on a rainy weekend when it was just miserable outside. I figured that most of the animals wouldn't care about the rain and that there wouldn't be a crowd - I was right! Walking with D through the zoo was like having my own private day in a personal menagerie!

The hippos were active and grunted and made low purring / growling noises. I've never heard a hippo before! They seemed interested in my bright red and white Starbucks cup. Don't worry, I kept it on my side of the fence at all times, but the hippo certainly seemed interested.

Can you see the hippo swimming towards me? As always, you can click on an image to see it in full size!

The lions were staying out of the rain...

The wolves didn't care either way about the rain...

My favorite part of this adventure was the Trail of Vines exhibit. That's the indoor area of the orangutan zone. The orangutans were all indoors, hanging out, nibbling on lettuce, and finding various things to curl up with. There was a volunteer there, but that's about it.

One of the orangutans was close to the window, curled up in a blanket, and staring out at us, the humans. She tapped the glass with two fingers. She tapped again at us - just under the sign that read, "please don't tap the glass." The volunteer told me she was about 49 years old and that she was trying to tell me she wanted to see my ears.

Well, I'd never had communication with an orangutan before, so who was I to refuse!? I crouched down on my hands and knees and showed the lady orangutan my right ear. Then, at her bidding, I showed her my left. Then back again.

D was laughing the whole time...or perhaps she was jealous that she didn't seem interested in his ears.

We continued through the rest of the exhibits - playing with the otters, talking with the volunteers and guides, and doing hide'n'seek with the giraffes. They stayed mostly in the stable, but they came out for a little while to check us out and peer around the trees at us. We were more on display than the zoo creatures!

At the end of my adventure I went back to the membership booth to pick up my calendar. They were kind enough to hold onto it for me while we were walking around so it wouldn't get wet. It hangs in the house now reminding me to go back soon!

Can't wait! :-)

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