Monday, December 14, 2015

10 Tips To Keep You Bright Through The Rain

1. Turn off the TV, turn on the music, and dance!
2. Clean and organize your home.
3. Aromatherapy - cloves, lemon, ginger, cinnamon, orange - happy smells!
4. Goloshes and a good walk.
5. Eat blue and purple - blue berries, beets, trout, blue potatoes, concord grapes, and eggplant.
6. STRETCH - either with yoga or on your own.
7. Plan your spring - are there places you'd like to go? Research them! Things you'd like to do? Prepare for them!
8. Write letters to friends and family - when was the last time you got something better than bills or junk in the mail, it feels great to get a letter, give it a shot.
9. If you work during the day and don't get a lot of light - improve the lighting at your work space and take breaks to go outside and face the sun. You may look weird, but it's better to be happy and a little weird/quirky, than depressed and sad.
10. Pay attention to yourself. The message of this season tends to be all about giving - giving money, giving time, giving presents, donating coats and socks, and all of those things are great - just make sure you also give to yourself. Listen to what your body needs and act accordingly. Maybe you need a little more sleep, a good foot rub, a long bath, a salad instead of another piece of cake - pay attention to your body and mind.

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