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    Saturday, November 19, 2016

    Pyewacket Growing UP!!

    Enjoy this puppy-perfect timeline of Pyewacket growing up. She is just over 9 months old now!

    Baby Pye - during the first few weeks home

    Looka da face!! aww!

    Ears up in the backyard
    Puppy time at the training center

    Recess at the training center - so happy!

    Playing with the other corgi puppy at the center - tail and no-tail!

    Pye's Princess Crown - we taped her ears for a few days when she first started teething.

    Bring your dog to work day
    First time at the park!

    Lazy park day

    Rainbow Pye

    Meeting friends at Greenlake Park

    Corgi butts drive me nuts!

    Meeting *more* friends at the park!

    Cuddle pile with Familiar
    Bring your dog to work day - all grown up and able to stay awake

    Hard at work!

    Car rides curled up in the puppy hammock

    Digging? What digging?

    Camping - King of the Hill
    Going for walks with my *almost* grown-up pup!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lunch Breaks and Love

It was so nice outside I decided to take a stroll around the building at work. Along the way I spotted what looked like a pair of garden spiders trying to mate. The smaller one, which I'm assuming is the male, waved its front arms and tried to alternate between petting the female and dodging being lunch for her. Talk about a lunch break!

For the female's part, she tapped her back legs, almost impatiently, and stayed still otherwise. The male occasionally tried to 'bop' her in the lower-middle, but most of the time he just kept up the wavy arms dance.

I thought it was still too Winter for spider-mating...but I'm not expert on these things.

She was very beautiful. Much more red than the other garden spiders in the area. I made a mental note to mark each garden spider I noticed on the way back to the office and they were mostly yellow / golden colored. There were a few in the trees which were more brown. Perhaps it makes sense that she was red - I found her hanging off the light post near the rose garden. Do spiders take on the color of their surroundings?


Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Puppy Cuteness

Just in time to perk up those Monday blues - Pyewacket photo bomb!

Story of these photos - Pye and I were walking in the University Village Mall and, since my favorite color is mulberry and I dress my dog, we kind of dress alike. This gets all sorts of adorable attention, on top of the attention Pye gets on her own, and a photographer asked if he could take some shots of us there on the street.

At the time I was enjoying an ice cream from Molly Moons and Pye was sitting next to me hoping to heaven I'd drop some. When I'm doing things with both hands I usually put a foot down on Pye's leash just in case anything really catches her eye and she decides to jump - with my foot on the leash she won't pull me over.

We used some of the vanilla ice cream and sample spoons to help Pye pose for the photos.

The last one is Pye in the back of the car. She always falls asleep in her hammock during long car trips!