Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pyewacket Growing UP!!

Enjoy this puppy-perfect timeline of Pyewacket growing up. She is just over 9 months old now!

Baby Pye - during the first few weeks home

Looka da face!! aww!

Ears up in the backyard
Puppy time at the training center

Recess at the training center - so happy!

Playing with the other corgi puppy at the center - tail and no-tail!

Pye's Princess Crown - we taped her ears for a few days when she first started teething.

Bring your dog to work day
First time at the park!

Lazy park day

Rainbow Pye

Meeting friends at Greenlake Park

Corgi butts drive me nuts!

Meeting *more* friends at the park!

Cuddle pile with Familiar
Bring your dog to work day - all grown up and able to stay awake

Hard at work!

Car rides curled up in the puppy hammock

Digging? What digging?

Camping - King of the Hill
Going for walks with my *almost* grown-up pup!

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