Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Puppy Cuteness

Just in time to perk up those Monday blues - Pyewacket photo bomb!

Story of these photos - Pye and I were walking in the University Village Mall and, since my favorite color is mulberry and I dress my dog, we kind of dress alike. This gets all sorts of adorable attention, on top of the attention Pye gets on her own, and a photographer asked if he could take some shots of us there on the street.

At the time I was enjoying an ice cream from Molly Moons and Pye was sitting next to me hoping to heaven I'd drop some. When I'm doing things with both hands I usually put a foot down on Pye's leash just in case anything really catches her eye and she decides to jump - with my foot on the leash she won't pull me over.

We used some of the vanilla ice cream and sample spoons to help Pye pose for the photos.

The last one is Pye in the back of the car. She always falls asleep in her hammock during long car trips!


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