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    Thursday, January 23, 2014

    Fish babies! My Betta fish had kids while I was on vacation!

    I went with Hubs to visit the family on the East Coast and that's the time my betta fish decided to enjoy themselves a little too much and spawn. Maybe they were just shy while I was watching?

    For being totally absent for the majority of the action - I still ended up with about 15 little fry. They are free swimming now and I removed momma and papa into their own neighboring apartments where they try to get at each other during most of the day. When they aren't flaring and waving their fins - the male, Mr. Fish, builds bubble nests and the female, Hera, swims around her crystals and moves pebbles around at the bottom of her tank.

    The babies are still too small to take pictures of - but mom and pops are photo-licious!
    Hera loos pretty much the same but Mr. Fish turned all dark green. His head is totally black now too - it was really surprising and fast! I've changed his diet to have less bloodworms, but I think he's just gotten darker as he matured. 

    All this happened while I was visiting family and friends - Me and Bumble Bee!

    Also - Its still snowy in Massachusetts! 

    Alright, that's it for this picture-post. 

    I need baby-names for all the little fishes - one of course is Fish, like his papa, and one of the light-colored girls will be called Chips. Fish n Chips!