Monday, January 19, 2015

checking in from Florida!

Using my cell phone to check in from the Delray Beach Marina! We are staying on D's parent's boat, a 30' Maxim cruiser.

This morning I woke up, went swimming in the heated saltwater pool, and had some delicious grapes and P's homemade breakfast burritos.

In a moment we are going to head down to town and visit the shops and then the beach
 Today is our relax-day before heading out on the kayaks.

Yesterday and the day before were spent with the awesome and ever-impressive D in Denver. ...Thanks you lovely folks!!!

We went to Voodoo doughnuts, walked around town, and D and I played our first-ever game of Cards Against Humanity with our new friends S, F, E, and Snickers the second awesomest dog evah!

It was lovely!
To everyone who had my phone number: my phone was crushed and so I got a new phone and a new 206 phone number. I did not get a chance to download numbers. I would love to call you but I need to get numbers from T and I'm not there right now.
If there is an emergency, please call T.