Thursday, March 5, 2015


Hello lovelies! 

Welcome to my working, tiled, grouted, shower!! Finally put a coat of sealant over the whole thing yesterday so the last little bit is to attach the finishing chromey-bits.

Things I learned: 

  • Mortar will destroy your nails if it dries - so my advice is to glove up ladies!
  • Cutting those little mosaic tiles takes forever but it is also pretty fun so put on some good music and get to it!
  • Your lines will never be straight. I've taken to thinking of this a "a sign of character" rather than "a problem." 
  • If you think you've added enough water - you've added too much. 
  • Buy more bags of grout than you think you'll need. Why? See above. 
  • Dry fit tiles before putting the mortar on them or returning the tile saw.
  • There is a difference between floor and wall tiles. Who knew!?
  • This Old House makes it look way easier than a first-timer ever could. 
  • If you start to get mad at your tile it's time to take a break
  • will never be perfect, but it is still pretty darn awesome

Parts run down:

  • Mosaic tiles from Home Depot
  • Large grey / black tiles from Habitat for Humanity
  • Grey colored grout from Home Depot
  • Tub from Craigslist Guy (you rock Craigslist Guy!)
  • Trim kit from Habitat for Humanity
  • Toilet from Lowes
  • Sink and sink cabinet and faucet from Ikea
  • Lighting from Home Depot and Ikea
The bottom half of the bathroom is painted a dark grey color and the rest of the walls and the ceiling are Snowstorm white. There will be trim to cover my messy paint lines and provide a chair rail effect.

Also worked on was the path and the painting of the fence! The path runs from the driveway, to the main door, to the backyard. We paid to have it done and I'm super, super happy with the results! The plan is to add two large metal flower planters on either side of the garden window and hostas along the edge. 

The fence will eventually be all black. 

Last but not least - do you see what I see....a countertop!!

Everything is still very much a construction site, but little by little it is all coming together!