Monday, March 23, 2015

The Night Before Christmas

So many boxes!
Moving involves so many boxes!

I'm taking today, tomorrow, and Wednesday to unpack and organize everything.

Last weekend we built a ton of shelves, built cabinets, and built a pantry last. Today I painted and installed another set of shelves using leftover flooring boards, paint, contact paper, and some brackets. I unpacked and shorted all the shoes, cleaned the counter top, and ran back to the apartment and made another trip filling the car a second time. Phew!

So, like the night before Christmas, I'm waiting with eager anticipation for the last box, the last clean, and the first day my tiny house becomes a home.


  1. Happy to hear about the move. Are you doing it all? I 'll have to e-mail some kick butt for you to give out, shire FAM's is helping. Lol ma

  2. He's doing great thanks! The move is ongoing and hopefully over soon. :-)