Tuesday, March 31, 2015

In a box, in a box, in a box ... and other updates

Everything is moved!
....(looks around at all the boxes) yay?  eep!?

A few days ago it looked like Hoarders in here with little pathways all around to get from one area to another and boxes to the ceiling. We've been taking them down one by one and sorting through everything after work and on weekends but the whole process takes a lot longer than I first expected. 

Going from 790sq ft to 260sq ft requires some purging, and we'd done a bunch of purging before getting here, but now that all the boxes are in the house I'm realizing that there's still a lot of purging to go. With limited room there's only room for the best and favorite of everything. Instead of 10 okay glasses we are down to 4 really funky fun favorite ones. There's no upper cabinets, no pantry, no dresser, and ... here's the kicker ... NO CLOSET. 

Google "No Closet" and see what comes up. You'll find a bunch of closet solutions, closet organizers, armoires, wardrobes, and Ikea closet tips and tricks. They are all really great and amazing, but none of them are actual living situations sans-closet. Is this a thing people do?

I have two small built in drawers in the rolling bookcase and three drawers in the side shelves. That's it. I'm good with that. I still have a ton of clothes, (maybe more than I can handle!) but no hangers, no closet, and no separate room with wall to ceiling hanger bars and rotating racks.

Last night I hacked the rolling bookcase by adding wire shelves from breaking down an unused wire rack. I got to use my new favorite toy - heavy duty wire cutters that were previously used to cut chain link fence for the back yard. Cutting that wire shelving was so much fun! Fitting it into the bookcase wasn't, but I am so impressed by the ease with which those cutters ripped through the shelves!

The racks are for complete outfits so I don't have to sort through drawers in the morning trying to get clothes together. Pics if it works!

(rolling bookcase of awesome!)


In non-box related news:

The Fiat made it to 50k miles this week. It has been so super awesome to have this car! The moving took a little longer, but in a day to day driving situation it makes for a pretty comfortable, cheap, and happy little commuter car. 

The Fams is settling in. The first couple of nights he was a little barky. He has to get used to new sounds, smells, a new bed, and new companions. He's been doing better though - sleeping though the night and enjoying going outside to play in his very own big back yard.  

(Happy Fams)

This weekend Hubbs and I went to Cafe Besalu for brunch.The cafe is one of my favorite morning spots for pastry and cocoa in the mornings. Located in Ballard, it makes a fine place to meet up, grab a bite, and take a stroll through downtown. 

We needed a break from all the cleaning at the old apartment and since we won't be living in the area anymore, Cafe Besalu made for a wonderful break and brunch before spending another day scrubbing and polishing every last inch of our old unit. 

(Hot cocoa, ham & swiss for me, pear tart for Hubbs)

And last but not least - Florida bloomed!! Florida is my tiny orchid I brought back from vacationing with D in Florida. I got it from a side of the road orchid grower outside of Miami. I had no idea what kind of flower it would have  - white, yellow, purple, neon green or pink. 

So this was a total surprise!!  
The color in the picture is pretty true to life - a berry-like magenta with touches of bright yellow and cream. It sits in the garden window in the kitchen but may have to find another home soon since I think the garden window may be a bit too bright. 

(Hello from Florida!!)

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