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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A whole month goes by...

...and the world is upside down again.

Since coming to Seattle I've been laid off twice and the past month where I didn't type anything was because I was laid off again and spent my time trying to get a new job.

I had just started at that job and left a place I had been working at for a long time for that job and BOOM!
One day I go to work like normal, and I'm greeted with my last paycheck.
No warning. I didn't do anything wrong. He just couldn't afford to pay the new people he'd hired on so he had to let us go.

Goodbye and good luck.


I spent the rest of that day (I was already dressed) and the next couple of weeks looking for work. Unemployment wasn't any use because I had "voluntarily quit" (to use the official term) my old job and hadn't worked long enough at my new job for it to count. It would be useful now...but I'm working now so instead of helping it just wasted a bunch of my phone minutes and half a day where I could have been looking for work.

I did find jobs - right now I'm working three. Sometimes 4, but that last one isn't regular work just occasional hours.

I work more than a full time job for no benefits but I do get more freedom to arrange my own schedule and I'm hoping to fit some painting in there. Maybe its all the frustration, but I feel more creative with what I'm doing now than when I was in a steady 9-5.  

I'm treading water and waiting for the tide to come in.
It'll come, I only hope I can hold out long enough.

Goodbye and good luck.