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    Tuesday, June 3, 2014

    Mega Photo-bomb update

    Hello all,
    Things have been a bit busy and I just haven't gotten around to updating recently - so, to make up for my lack of follow up, here's a mega photo-bomb update!

    It has been mentioned to me before that sometimes I do things with my house that other people could use to help them be more organized. 
    One of those things is bundling my cables. 

    For example: In my tiny two-butt kitchen there is only one precious power outlet. I have the same amount of fun kitchen gadgets as the next person who loves brownies- so I needed a solution to the power cable mess. 

    All my gadgets have cords of different lengths and yet they all look the same. I used to have to grab a loose cord and follow it back to the machine that may or may not be the one I'm looking for. The other option is pulling out various devices with one hand and trying to untangle messy electrical wiring with the other. 

    The solution? Zipties, bread tags, and a Sharpie!

    First, I narrowed down the amount of appliances to my top three due to counter space limitations. 
    I collected the plug ends of the cords and attached them together with a ziptie then followed the cords down adding a ziptie every two inches or so making one larger cord. 

    At the plug ends I attached the Sharpie-labeled bread tags identifying what leads to where. 
    Now, when I'm all groggy in the mornings and want some toast and tea, I reach for one cord, grab the end that says "toast" and smush it into the socket. Yay toast!

    One of the other things I do in my kitchen and with the rest of my home is make the stainless shine. 

    I use a cap full of Meyers or Ecover with a bucket of warm water and a few drops of lemon. 
    It takes just a minute or two to get dingy and grey metal to bright and shiny!