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    Thursday, May 21, 2015

    The Long Awaited HOUSE TOUR!!!

    *happy sigh*
    It has been a long, long time and there are still a few little things to wrap up - but I've come to the conclusion that there will always be a few little things to wrap up. So this is where we live. Welcome to the Silver Moon House!

    This is the main entrance / mud room / pantry / and storage area. Everything in a tiny home has to do double, and sometimes triple, duty.

    You can spot:

     - My apron
     - A picture from my grandpa
     - Cutting boards (one in the shape of a frog!)
     - A tea cozy
     - Magnets
     - Dog treats
     - A microwave
     - Cereal
     - Tang!

    Here is a little bit further into the house. We have a 3/4ths fridge that I got for free from the Kaplan Institute that closed in the U District. When we hauled it out it was gross. The freezer was totally filled with ice and abandoned frozen lunches. There were stains and sticky fluids and all sorts of ickyness. Ewwww. 

    It took about a week to clean it out, let it thaw, dry it out, bleach it, wait a couple days, bleach it again, wash it, and then detail clean it with cotton swabs and more bleach. 

    I can proudly say it is all nice and fresh in there now! :-)

    A 3/4ths fridge is perfect for Hubbs and I. I've noticed that being able to actually see where the food is means that less of it goes bad. Yay! Much less forgotten food!

    Making tea first thing in the morning!

    Open shelves above the cabinets. 

    Happy Plants! 

    This is the clothes hanger we got for the items that need to line dry. It is strong enough to hold tons of clothes but then collapses down to this teeny tiny towel bar. We mounted it on the back of the door to the shared work-space. 

    Above the drying rack is my purse storage. Have I mentioned I have a growing fondness for purses? Unfortunately / fortunately for me - a tiny space requires limiting the amount of earthly possessions so I shrunk it down to two everyday purses and one overnight bag. 

    Roll-out cabinet kitchen storage

    We left this cabinet open so the pup would have his very own space. 

    There are two small shelves above him for storage of cookie sheets (top shelf) and dog supplies, treats, and extra toys (middle shelf). 

    The poster was a gift from Hubb's mum. 

    In the back corner you can see the stacked metal stools. We searched all over for stackable counter-height stools! Guess where we found 'em. Guess!

    Fred Meyer for $20. 


    Bed room area

    Floating handmade computer desk

    Living room overview. (You can spot my bow!)

    This is the reading nook / music wall / clothing storage / rolling library area. 

    Hubbs looks so happy hanging out in the hammock and reading the Stranger! 

    We had thought about getting an actual "chair" but the hammock has been so much better - I can clean under it easily, we can move it where ever since there are plenty of other hanging spots throughout the house, and a person can easily sleep there - so couch surfing hooray!


            Entry way storage                           Specially built shoe storage

    Well, that's about it! I hope you enjoyed the tour. Now, its time to go out and play. 
    Thanks for visiting!

    Secret bonus pic - this is why it is the "Silver Moon" house!