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    Thursday, December 31, 2015

    Going to Mexico - Capsule Wardrobe

    Happy New Year!

    I'm heading out for an adventure in Mexico! I've never been before, but I'll be visiting folks who are living there and having a great time. They have some things planned, such as: exploring some ruins near Tulum, cave swimming, swimming at the beach, shopping in the plaza, and checking out all their favorite restaurants. I'm excited to see them and I'm also really looking forward to a break from the chilly Seattle weather. 

    So, packing for these adventures... serious business. My goal is keeping it light and breezy, like this vacation, and not packing too much or too heavy. With that in mind, I'm only bringing my carry-on duffle and a purse. 

    This is what I'm packing -
    Capsule Wardrobe For Mexico

    Item Breakdown -

    (Brands included on items I adore)
    • Lace Bra from Caciqe (Layne Bryant) - Lace dries fast and this is a comfy yet breezy piece!
    • Sports Bra from Panache - To all the larger busted ladies, try this sports bra out! Yes, it is pricey. No it is not super sexy. But you know what else isn't super sexy? Sore shoulders, wearing two bras, busted wires, and that just-punched-in-the-chest feeling when you are running / jumping or being very active. Larger busted ladies can sympathize. I love my Panache sports bra. It holds 'em in, has wide shoulder straps, is easily convertible to a racer-back, wicks away moisture, and is just a tough-as-nails bra.
    • Lace Skivvies - Again, lace dries fast and is pretty while still feeling comfy.
    • Makeup Bag: Tinted and SPF Chapstick, Benefit mascara, SkinCeuticals Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50 tinted base, First Aid Beauty Eye Duty (eye brightener / depuffer), Armani Si perfume, two bandaids, Advil, a small container of toothpaste and floss, travel toothbrush, and a small container of Dr. Bronner's Castile Peppermint Soap, two elastics, a hair clip, and my cheap but chic Zenni prescription sunglasses.
    • Credit Card - Check your card's fees for international transactions and always bring a back up payment option. A friend's sad experience of having lost his wallet reminds me - don't carry all your money / cards in one place. Always have a back up!
    • Passport - yay!
    • Shorts - I never wear shorts, but hey, this is vacation!
    • Black Capri Leggings - can be worn alone or under shorts or skirts depending on the weather. Also good for sleeping and on the plane.
    • Tankini - Apparently tops are optional and rarely seen on the beaches I'll be headed to. Extra sun block here I come...
    • Full Bathing Suit - Because two is better than one, and a girl needs options.
    • Royal Robbins Discovery Skirt - This was an awesome find! I was thinking of buying it on Amazon as I was looking for a good outdoor skirt for summer, but it was over $60 and that was just too much for me. So I put it in the back of my mind as a gift or something for later.  Then, just a few days ago, I found one in my size at Goodwill for $7!! It looks brand new, is lightweight, wrinkle resistant, the materials is slightly stretchy, and has zipper and flap pockets. I lucked out on finding this skirt. If they ever go on sale, or I get massively rich, I'll be getting more. :-)
    • Simple Blue Charm Necklace - When you have a limited wardrobe ( I live in a tiny house with no closet ) it can sometimes work better to let your clothes be the canvas and your jewelry be the paint. I like buying and wearing jewelry and I'll probably buy some in Mexico, but I'll wear my blue charm necklace for most of the trip since it goes with most anything.
    • Blue Maxi Dress - Comfy, beach wear that can be dressed up or down as needed. This one rolls up easily and doubles as a towel if necessary.
    • Black Hoodie - Mostly for the plane and evenings but I can get cold anywhere!
    • Tank Tops x 3 - The black spaghetti strap is tunic length and can easily be worn over leggings. I'll also be bringing my trusty black wide-strap cotton top and a grey exercise top that fits loosely and is great for hot weather.
    • Shoes - Sketchers Go Walk - Super comfy for long walks on the pavement in town and hiking all those stairs. 
    • Shoes - Sanuk Women's Yoga Sling Flip-Flops - These fit great, don't cause any friction, are flexible, and actually stay on my feet. The cotton straps hold everything in place without causing pain between the toes and the yoga mat bottoms are cushy while still being light weight. These are my favorite summer shoes.

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