Monday, June 8, 2015

Help me win a bike!! It's easy, just vote :-)

Hi lovelies!

Some of you may recall my kick-ass old bike bake in Manchester - a neon green Electra. Unfortunately it could not make the trip with us out to Seattle and I had to give it up. *tiny violin*

I have always missed that bike.

Fortunately, Electra is having a bike contest and the prize is a brand shiny new Electra Loft and a new go-pro camera! They want the winners to shoot video of their cities and basically share the love.

I posted my video (basically me walking around to some of my favorite spots in town) and would love, love, love if you would vote for me. It looks like there are only 29 contestants that were chosen for the online review portion and there are 15 bikes available. Help me be one of the lucky 15 and you'll get to see some videos made with that go-pro camera, including an epic tour of all my favorite spots in Washington!

You can watch all the videos HERE

My video is titled, "This is my city," and the cover still is me in black with a yellow scarf walking in front of a houseboat.

Thank you for your support!



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