Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring brings rushing changes

Super busy this month - and we're only 8 days in.
Sold our old car - $$
Bought a car - Fiat!!
Bought a motorcycle - Buell Blast!!
Seriously job-hunting
Met couchsurfers and went rock climbing with one and out to tea with another
Had the first grill of the season
Set up a gazebo
Went to the Seattle Tilth Plant sale...

So far it's just been one amazing thing after another. yay!

For your picture pleasure -

Finding purple starfish during a motorcycle trip in the cold north:
(That's my amazing armored motorcycle jacket by the way - First Gear's Monarch Jacket with D-30. Full review to come later.) 

 Kite flying - look! I can almost do it!

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