Thursday, August 14, 2014

Two hours in Volunteer Park

Yesterday I went to Volunteer Park for a bit.

If you haven't been, I'd really suggest going. Go near sunset and just watch the light fade into the space needle from the stairs of the Asian Art Museum. You'll like it, I promise.

I went there looking for the ducklings. They were there a few weeks ago - all fluffy and mottled yellow and brown. When I saw them the first time they were in the shallow fish pond to the left of the museum. Yesterday they were nowhere to be found.

There was one duck, in the pool to the right of the museum, grooming herself on a piece of wood that had been set up like a little ramp going from the water to the path-level. She looked young, but not young enough to have been one of the babies I'd seen earlier. Her right wing had been injured and a few feathers stuck out at odd angles as she tried to groom them back in place.

I watched her for a while wondering if she'd been left by the others.

A few minutes later a woman came to sit on the public art piano bench and played beautifully for about 20 minutes as the sun went further down.

She played a track from the movie, Amelie, as I went to sit behind her on the cement slabs used for benches overlooking the large water pool and the big metal doughnut-thing.

When she finished I walked over to the dahlia flower show across from the Arboretum which is sadly closed for the moment for repairs. Dahlias are some of my favorite flowers! I was so happy to stumble upon this previously unknown event going on that I couldn't help but take a bunch of pictures.

There seems to be four major groups of dahlias at the show - simples, puff-balls, lotuses, and fireworks.

The simples: smaller and with fewer petals - they look like pretty woodland wildflowers.

The Puff-balls: perfect circles with lots of little petals, perfect examples of the Golden Ratio




The Lotuses: look like they could be floating on water...




My Favorite of the Lotus - style dahlias, Stillwater Pearl

Then there's the Fireworks: pointed petaled explosions of color in a garden




If I were doing prizes for the flowers the prettiest would be Stillwater Pearl, but Miss Congeniality would be the sweet simple yellow.
My favorite pompom is the variegated fuchsia and cream. And, saving the fireworks for last - best bloom goes to the koi-fish colored white with red-center! 

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