Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pink, warm, and fuzzy - insulation is up!

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house
the walls were all sealed with no room for a mouse.
We'd caulked and we'd spray foamed every nook and crack
I'd been bent over so long there was a stitch in my back;
The insulation was nestled all snug in its beds
and visions of drywall danced in our heads;
I wore my hoodie, Hubs donned a mask,
D wore both as he worked on each task...

Insulation is up folks! We have one window and are waiting for the last one to arrive just after Christmas. Of course, the one we are waiting on is the garden window. BTW the garden window has a name, courtesy of Hubs and the Venture Brothers, we are calling it the Sanctum Solarium

With the three of us working, the work went by pretty fast and we were finished in a day. That wasn't so fast that we didn't learn a few things:
  •   Buy more box cutters and razor blades than you think you need
  •   A clean work space is a happy workspace - (we moved the kitchen into the workshop to get it out of the way without damage)
  •   Don't touch your face!! - you got an itch? use a kleenex pulled from another room, don't touch your face, don't do it!
  •   Bring a change of clothes
  •   Don't leave your purse on the workbench because even if you don't touch it, it will be covered in tiny bits of insulation and that will get everywhere (don't touch your face!)
  •   Finally, music and ventilation make construction work soooo much better - we opened windows and doors and rocked out to the radio to whistle while we worked