Monday, February 16, 2015

February Photo Update!

It has been a very busy time at the Venture House this past month!

We've been working on the tiny house pretty steadily.

Things done:

  • Installed windows and doors
  • Drywall and patching
  • Straightening wires and cables in the ceiling
  • Trimming nails and sanding the ceiling
  • Painting
  • Redoing the floor
I learned how to get comfortable using a staple gun and a paint sprayer. For the ceiling we had to use plastic sheeting and protective gear like a ventilator mask and goggles. Protip - put saranwrap tight over your goggles. When the paint blasts back and gets on your goggles remove and replace the saran wrap rather than smearing the paint all over trying to clean it off! :-)

It is coming along!

There was a slight break in house work - I went to Denver, CO to see D and went to FortLauderdale, FL to explore the everglades. 
(walking the dog in Denver)


(deep muddy Everglades)

(rental car free upgrade!)

(giant lizards and birds - FL wants to kill you)

(kayaking with Garl - AWESOME)

(great day on the water)

(learning to snorkel at the marina pool)

There was also a last-minute wedding I helped with. Jimu and Anesu are an awesome couple! Anesu wanted whites and creams with pale colors to accent. She also wanted white cake with strawberries, and she is allergic to flowers so no real flowers allowed. Jimu likes the color orange and everything else was up to me. 

So - I made a bunch of white cupcakes and filled them with fresh strawberry puree. I also made a bunch of strawberry cupcakes and filled those with strawberry puree for a big double-dose of awesome strawberry power! 

In all, it cost just under $100 to feed 40 people and make the cake topper. 
Yay - Frugal wedding sweets!