Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring has sprung!

This weekend I :
  • went to Moisture Fest  ( yay yodeling cowgirl! )
  • took the climbing 101 class at Stone Gardens ( Holy rope-burn Batman!) 
  • prepped my patio garden for Spring
The before was just too horrible, and I forgot to take a picture, so you only get afters...

It doesn't look like much now - but I'll try to put more updates as everything slowly wakes up again. 
last year the hops went so crazy they took over the whole balcony and I had to cut them out bit by bit from the plastic webbing we use to keep the dog from jumping between the bars.

So far this year it looks like the honeywart is trying to take everything over. It grew wild from last year's seed fall. In fact, everything has been from last year. Hopefully I can resist the urge to buy more plants...I think I have an addiction...

These are my indoor plants - 

The Jade was my first houseplant in Seattle. Its weathered many an absence of water without much complaint.

The little creeper I found on the floor at Home Depot. It had broken off a larger spider plant. It refuses to die.

The large plant on the left is some kind of lily...but the flowers are a deep maroon / brown color. 
Try searching "brown flower," or "brown lily" on Google - it's all resources on plant care. So I have no idea what plant this is exactly. It seems happy enough in a deep pot with lots of sun. Its pretty, so I don't myind my nameless stranger. I call her Chocolate. 

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