Monday, November 17, 2014

Things done, Things to do

It seems the most I check off items on my To Do list, the more items add on to the end of it!

Last night was John Cleese and Steve Scher talking about parents, the meaning of life, alimony, religion, and the release of his new book, So Anyway...
John was hilarious, Steve was insightful and kept the show on an even track, and at one point I got called out for nudging D when John talked about all the little compromises - like one partner needing the window cracked to sleep while the other partner freezes. I always need the window cracked - just a little!
Hubs looked like he was going to cry he laughed so hard.
The only thing I'm just a little sad about is that on John's next stop he's doing the show with Adam Savage. Hubs listens to the Adam Savage youtube podcast and would've loved to see him again. We'd seen him before at a show downtown and it was great so I can only imagine what a good time it will be for John and Adam to share a stage!

Other events and happenings have included: I have 293 sq feet to make into a home! The Seattle Ventures will be moving to a different spot (still in Seattle) that's actually going to be ours all ours. It is tiny, 293 sq ft isn't a lot of space to put two people and a dog, but I'm happily accepting the challenge and looking forward to not paying rent or a mortgage.

What the space lacks in size it makes up for in opportunity. There is a BIG backyard. More space than most Seattleites could get. And I have permission to take it over. With some landscaping and leveling it could be an awesome urban farm.

There's enough room for a veggie patch, about 3 more fruit trees (there is already an apple tree), berry bushes, some raised beds, a patio area (the cement pad already exists), a dog house, and... wait for it... chickens!

2 Plymouth Rocks and 1 Rhode Island Red please.

There is also a driveway, yay for off-street parking!
Last but not least, there is a shared work-space that is separate from the house space. I can sew, craft, and paint there and Hubs has a place to solder and put all his tools and such!

Our current schedule is that we'd give a month's notice in January. But our plumber took two weeks longer than expected and didn't finish so the adage that nothing in construction finishes on budget or on time may be true. March or April anyone?

Non-housing related: My scooter is KICK-ASS. If you want a scooter, I can happily recommend the Piaggio Fly 150. :-) Mine is black and white and while my last bike was a big thumping Cupcake, this little scooter is my Lucky Bunny. It is just Sooooo cute!

LKY BNY - your plate is mine!

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