Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tiny house kitchen plans!

Bit the bullet and bought a kitchen over black Friday! In the realm of house-building there are things I can do well and things I have no business doing. I have no business doing plumbing or electrical - although I can help for both, if I were in charge it would take forever and possibly be all backwards!

Things I can do - insulation, drywall, painting, and building ikea furniture. We got high gloss grey base cabinets but we plan to custom build the top cabinets to hold gallon mason jars. I can't handle standard top cabinets, they tend to get left open all the time and constantly threaten to take one's eyes out. Poor Hubs has been nearly mortally wounded! Plus, I can't reach half of the height. Our current top cabinets are mostly unused except to store things we only use on special occasions.

Not my kitchen - but this is a picture of the high-gloss grey. 

So - high gloss grey for the bottoms, white custom gallon mason jar holders on the top. The countertop will be poured by the same awesome folks who sanded and leveled the floor. It should be white or pale grey somewhat like the picture. 

Also - working model of the plans for the house. The door to the workshop goes into the shared space for working on bikes, sewing, crafting, and all the hobbies of the associated house residents. You'll notice the lack of a stove...well, we decided not to get one! Instead, we have a retractable induction cooktop that sits below the cabinet so there are no seams between the countertop and the stove. When needed, it will just pull out from the counter and pop up on the countertop. 

If I need an oven, there is a standard stove just upstairs. 
The washer and dryer are shared but it will be so nice not to have to share them with 20 other apartments. 

This is the working model - more to update as work progresses!