Friday, January 22, 2016

Going to Mexico - Don't Drink the Water!

I'm not sure where or when it happened, but I must have let some water pass my lips in Mexico.
I spent the first couple of days having a great time swimming and snorkeling, and the rest of my time curled up in the condo watching B-movies and wishing I could be swimming and snorkeling. Ugh.

The Good

Packing - Packed light and everything fit in my gym-duffle with room to spare!
I nixed the blue dress in favor of an tunic tank. I did buy a swimsuit. Not so much because I needed another swimsuit, but because it was simply fun...and functional - it is a bikini and t-shirt set so I can switch from lounging bikini to snorkeling safe t-shirt easily and still look stylin'.

Security - It was hilariously easy to get through security - slip on shoes, no metal, liquids all in one bag, all that good stuff. Security was on point though - we were interviewed, I had my hands swabbed, there were sniffing dogs, the lady in front of us was pulled aside for some metal. Security was working their job - but our pass through it was easy due to preparation.

Airplane Snacks - The flight was well prepared for - we had lots of snacks and I'd made a big sandwich to share.

Company - I had amazing company. Our hosts were lovely, funny, awesome like always.

The Beach - Soft sand, smooth waves, warm breeze - absolutely lovely. The slope out to the water was so gentle and soft. Very different compared to the rocky beaches and steep drops of Maine, NH, and Mass. The water itself was refreshing and I think I've bathed at home in colder water. It made me a little nervous though - water that warm just doesn't seem like the sea. It felt like trespassing into some sort of postcard. Lovely, but also somewhat alien. A different reality. Perfect for vacation!

Underwater - Fish! Lots and lots of fish! I found an eel, a goby, and so many more. I'll save them for the next post :-)

The Bad

Heat + Humidity - I'm a cold weather person. Some people love and thrive in hot and humid climates - but I am not a tropical person. Give me the cold. Give me vast ice heaves, pine forests, tundral plains, roaring fires, and hot cocoa. 

Mexican Mattresses - We stayed overnight at two different locations and both places had exceptionally hard mattresses. I suppose it gave us more reason to get up and get out of bed in the morning!

What is the price? - Bartering can be fun. The haggle, the walk out, the posturing - yeah, that's fun sometimes. Unfortunatly, the novelty wears off fast. You can barter or bribe your way through most things in the main market. But because of that - the prices are hilariously high, there is an aggressive atmosphere, and you have to do it for everything. Seriously, give me a fair price and I'll pay it. Fair. Not crazy.

I'm still recovering and sorting through the pictures taken before I fell ill.

Photo bomb post coming soon!

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