Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mustang - She Lives!! (Starter replacement)

So, you already know the ending - Musty has come back to life!

The story -

About a two weeks ago I met a lovely gentleman from the interwebs who was kind enough to donate one of his spare starters. I had replaced the starter solenoid but it still hadn't turned over, so the next likely issue was the starter...that is, according to the internet. I claim no brilliance here - I'm just crowd sourcing my mechanical advice because I don't have a mechanical background or a regular mechanic.

Last week we cleared out the garage (separate post coming later) and so earlier today D, T, and I moved the car into the garage and got to work. D jacked it and helped me with two of the bolts that were really stuck. I finished the removal and wiggled the big thing out through the bottom. Even though it isn't very big, holding it over your head while on your back under a car makes it feel pretty heavy!

The hardest part was turning the ratchet while inside the car. There really is no room in there! Tons and tons of tiny ticks later and the bolts were back on. D swapped places with me a few times when my arms were tired. Thanks D!

Auto repair in pink house slippers!
After replacing the starter I almost didn't want to turn the key. A little Schrodinger's cat situation - if the car is off can does the car work? Well, you just don't know. So, with a little bit of butterflies in my stomach I got in and turned the key...and it started! Well, it didn't fire right kind of turned, then turned, then started, then rev'd so loud it started to get scary. Then I turned it off. Then I restarted it and put it in reverse and the car lurched back. I had to ride the brake to inch it back toward my daily driver car and it made me nervous it was rev'ing so hard. D says it shouldn't go that high, and that now we have another issue to solve - but it starts! Oh high heaven it starts!

Next up, removing the interior and researching the rev'ing thing. How do you tell when a car is rev'ing too high? Is it bad? Does it rev high and then come down? Musty is a mysterious lady...

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