Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Lady has a New Ride

I've got a new set of wheels!

I was keeping an eye out for a new motorcycle - and until last week I'd thought the only bike that really suited me was the BMW g650. I liked the seating position, the low height, and the performance of the BMW but at $8,000 starting price it wasn't really in my budget. So, I considered it a dream-bike and kept my eye out but didn't go much further.

D was looking. D has a V-strom but wanted something more. Unfortunately, or luckily depending on your perspective, there just isn't a better bike for what he wants. We had tried lowering the V-strom so that I could inherit it, but even after putting on the lowering links, I still couldn't touch the ground. If it went down I would not be able to pick it up on my own. Even though the V-strom and the BMW g650 have a lot of things in common, it just wasn't for me.

So I continued day-dreaming of a BMW adventure rider and keeping my eye out - occasionally going out to see what was available. I'd throw my leg over and confirm - yep, this is the perfect bike for me. I did that for one that was so close to my price range that it was worth it to start negotiations with the dealer. But, before I signed a deal, D suggested I check out one other bike, the Honda CB500x.

I'd seen a woman riding one at a Touratech movie night, and remembered it looked pretty good, so we searched around for one online. I found a 2015 at a dealer and D and I went to try it out. My thinking was that I was going to try one more option before going back to the BMW. I threw a leg over and wow, it was a great fit!

A few days later I found one in the price and features I was looking for online. I called the dealer to see if it was still there and we took a drive out to visit. When I walked in I was surprised when he automatically assumed I wanted to check out the 2013. I hadn't heard that there was a 2013 and hadn't found a used one available anywhere. Turns out it had recently come in and had just been listed. Good luck!

2013 Honda CB500xa has ABS breaks, a similar upright riding position to the V-strom and BMW, a lower seat, and at about 400 lbs - I wasn't worried about dropping it. This particular bike came with heated grips and after market adjustable levers. Bonus!

Now I'm no longer day dreaming about riding a BMW. Instead, I'm going riding on my Honda and saving about 4 grand. Now I can afford some gear upgrades for the new riding season! Updates on that coming soon!

Sidenote: I have some plastidip coming my way and I can't wait to mod out the tank sides with Sailor Moon stickers. 

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