Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Adventures in Maui : Preflight

I'll be heading off to Maui for the first time ever in just a few days!

Of course, I never bring checked luggage, even for a 2 week trip, so my capsule wardrobe must be able to adapt to just about any situation. There will be water activities - swimming, sailing, snorkeling; casual activities - hiking, biking, walking; and formal activities - luau, dinners out, family excursions. My bag has to hold clothing for all of it.

So - without much ado, my 2 weeks in Hawaii capsule wardrobe!


My dress is wrinkle-resistant and flowy, but it is a thin fabric that packs down into a large sandwich bag and from there I can squeeze all the air out of it.

I'm bringing 4 swimsuits. More than I expect to really need, but the one that it like a t-shirt is really good for snorkeling without getting a burn and I can wear it as a sport tank as well. I also hate getting into a wet swimsuit - so if anything this is my space splurge. I also like having different types of tops and bottoms to help balance out the sun burn I'm fully expecting to receive.

Tanks - 'cause layering. I like to get the same basic type and then just have it in different colors. It makes packing easy because all the clothes fold to exactly the same shape and size.

A sport tee for hiking and higher elevations and a sweater for the same things. I'm also always cold on airplanes so I'll probably wear the sweater on the plane and save the storage space.

Two skirts (skorts actually) and a pair of shorts and a pair of leggings. I love skorts because...well, they are cute shorts really. I'll also be wearing the leggings with the shorts on top for the flight so they won't be actually in my carry-on either.

Sanuk sandals and my Skechers for walking around.

Panache sports bra - best sports bra I've ever found. Seriously.

Travel cosmetic bag (I'll do another "inside my bag" post just for that) and credit card / IDs.

Skivves. I've been really enjoying Adore Me lately.

Basic jewelry - keeping in the same color range as the rest of my clothes and nothing too expensive. I made the mistake of wearing a beautiful set of earrings in the ocean once...once. :-(

Sunglasses - two pairs. I'd hate to lose one, but just in case, I bring a back up. They are prescription from Zenni.

Lesportsac bag for travel. I always use this bag for travel. Found it at the thrift shop and I love it to pieces. It won't blend in like a black purse would so I'm less likely to leave it. It can do cross body or over the shoulder with a wide adjustable strap. It has plenty of pocket space without being too big and all the pockets are zippers so I can secure things a little better.

That should cover just about everything  - dress for more formal events and I can add the sweater if the wind picks up. Sweater, shorts, and leggings for the sunrise hike and I can remove layers as the day goes on. Skorts and tanks for hiking. Shorts and t-shirt for bike riding and off-road adventures.

To breeze through security I always skip wearing jewelry on flight days. I wear slip-on shoes with socks, stretchy clothes without zippers or buttons, an empty water bottle that I fill up after security and then drink religiously to stay hydrated and I organize my purse, carry-on, and cosmetic bag for easy inspection.

Do you have any advice on going to Maui? Any favorite spots to share or tips for dealing with the flight?

Happy travels!

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