Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Great Sugar Shake-off ... Day 2

Sweet things, oh how I love thee. I'm sad and angry with you, but I still love you.

It doesn't help that I had to sleep at a friend's house last night because otherwise I was looking at an hour commute for a 4 hour gig. Since I didn't sleep well, I felt grouchy all morning, then stressed while commuting from job one to job 2, then exhausted after crossing the city one more time on the way home.

The Fiat is fantastic on gas btw. Thank you Fifi!

All day I wanted cake. Chocolate cake. I still want cake. :-(

Is it weird to have such a specific craving?

I'm settling for tea. An herbal concoction from the Pike Place Spice Market. It is delicious, but I'm three cups in and still restless. I even added agave, but it isn't a good enough substitute tonight.

Tonight I'm going to dream of cake.

PS - Beth, I got your letter! Thanks so much, and I love the pictures!!

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