Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mexico Trip Photo Bomb - Part 2

More Mexico photos from our New Year trip! This will be the last photo bomb from this trip - we have more projects and plans coming up - more house photos, Musty projects, motorcycle trips, camping adventures, foodie feasts, and lots of other news for the New Year!

My duffle bag! Earlier I made a post about what I had planned to bring, and I ended up bringing even less. I ditched the blue dress in favor of another tank top, and ditched a pair of leggings. Wrapping up my outfits with hair ties helped keep things organized and save space, and wearing my sneakers on the plane made it so I only packed my flip flops for alternative footwear. Most of my duffle was empty :-) 
My duffle
Clothes and personal items
Dr. Bronners, toner, and face wash in little squeeze bottles - perfect size! 
Best breakfast in Cancun

Xcaret adventure park - orange helmets and all!

Inside the caves
At the top of the ziplines

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