Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentines Update

Hubsy is Mr Amazing - and I'm the proud new owner of a BMO necklace! Yay Adventure Time and fake holidays!
For my gift to the guys for the fake-holiday we went to see the new release for Deadpool - which was awesome! Fantastically, blood 'n' gore, and amazingly debauched hilarity. Not for the squeamish or those who get motion sick easily - but if you like Deadpool you will not be disappointed.

Also this week - the outside of the house is sided! They tore apart the old and horrible siding, replaced a bunch of rotten boards from before the roof was repaired, and repaired the brace over the garage. They also replaced the gutters...but they need to fix a few of the seams on them as they aren't quite working at the moment. Good thing - they'll be back this week to take away the dumpster and do those minor adjustments.

We still have the landscaping to do outside, although a lot of the hard-scaping is already complete. Enjoy the pics below!

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